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Do you have a Website? Is it running fine? Are you meeting your objectives of your website? Building a Web site is just the beginning. You need to know if your website promotion is hitting the mark. The website maintenance and updating of your site and its content is key to enduring success. If you want your site visitors to keep coming back and if you want to make sure your product and services information is up-to-date, our web maintenance team will work for you to meet your goals.

Our web maintenance services are comprehensive, affordable, and have fast project turnaround times.

Our Services are outstanding and it has been proved with the satisfaction of our valued clients. To name few, our satisfied clients for Annual Maintenance Services are:

After successfully developing the website, we have been continually looking after the maintenance and support of the same for AEPC ESAP web-content under Annual Maintenance Contract for more than 3 years.

Innova IT Solution is flexible to its client for the services it provides. You can get the way you like if you are with us. Our AMC services also come under two folds:

  1. On the basis of Updates
  2. On the basis of Duration

On the basis of Updates

After the system development, there might be the requirement of content update and graphics changes. Nothing more, Nothing less! Pay as much as you get. This scheme of maintenance allows you to go with whatever updates you have and based on those change requirements, Innova IT Solution will offer you the very reasonable price.

On the basis of Duration

It's easy! We offer you maintenance and support services on monthly and Yearly basis. You just have to pay a fixed amount for the duration you choose, and we take care of all your updates during the contract period. There are specific services that we offer in the yearly/monthly AMC.

We are very happy to provide maintenance services to our valued customers. There will be no second thought for you to select us for Website Maintenance with the following scope of work described.

We do:

Layout Analysis & Improvement
Layout analysis and improvement is a very technical process where prime goal is to optimize site under world-accepted standards. In layout analysis and correction we also study usability of the site and user acceptance of the website. Layout analysis and correction includes the factor of browser compatibility as well. Corrections are made to meet the current web standards.
Web Graphics Analysis & Improvement
As far as this feature is concern a good website works our objective to convert and optimize your website in a way that it opens fast on every browser and reaches to maximum viewers.
Web Navigation Analysis & Improvement
One of the most important things in the web site we believe is user friendly. As far as Web Navigation Analysis and improvement is concerned we work towards making navigation system of the website more user friendly according to the updates on the website.
Broken Links Analysis & Repair
Studies of the broken links and other shortcoming related to hyperlinked page are very important to keep the visitors. It is very necessary to check and monitor site as each web page contains important information about your business and it must reach to your user according to your plan. Any broken links mean laps in continuation. This feature will analyze and correct broken links on the website.
Content Analysis, Correction & Update
As good, relevant and updated content is one of the most important components of a website. In this feature we analyze and update content on your website. We also check relevance of the content and give you suggestions to make it better.
Code Analysis and Debugging
Any malfunction of codes may jeopardize your website, So, it is very important to keep the code bugs free and up-to-date. For this we constantly monitor the codes on the website and fix the bugs.
Data Uploading
We do PDF conversion of documents and upload to your website. In addition, other documents will also be uploaded to your website as and when required.
Search Engine Analysis, Meta Tags & Keywords Optimization
This feature will optimize your site to help you get optimum performance on the Search Engines. Tagging with expertise would only enable the best of promotions for your site based on the indexes and rules.
Search Engine Submission
Only search engine optimized pages are not enough to get the high ranking in search engine; it needs to be submitted to the search engines as and when required to get ranked properly on the search engines. We after analyzing the site submit to the search engine as and when required at least quarterly to the top search engines.
Apart from these we also provide services for:
  • Static Pages Addition
  • Image Manipulation and Addition (provided by customer)
  • Updates of the contents like news, announcements etc
  • Technical support including Server Side support
  • Shopping Catalogue Updates
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